We were hoping to be able to fulfill all of our Valentine's Day requests but wanted to acknowledge that we recieved a high volume of orders and we ran out or ripe pineapple to harvest that could be shipped in time for delivery before Valentine's Day. Since we can't ship your order in time for Valentine's Day we provided this little card (click here to see the card) explaining we will ship the pineapple gift within a week or so when the next field ripens. Mother Nature is in the driver's seat and the next field won't start ripening until Monday, the day after Valentine's Day. If your order is for Valentines Day please type VALENTINES DAY in the ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS BOX so we know to prioritize your delivery for next week. We want to thank you for your patience and understanding. Especially we want to thank you for supporting our little farm through this difficult time.

If you have questions please email me at sales@kauaisugarloaf.com.

We planted extra fields 18-24 months ago in anticipation of a growing business, but we want to acknowledge that there are times when our orders exceed our harvests. Mother Nature has the final word and even though Paul, Jude, and the little Parson Russell Terrier, Panda have been very busy at Hole In The Mountain Farm, sometimes we just can't harvest enough Kauai Sugarloaf Pineapple to ship your order as fast as we would like. We are a small company with just two employees doing our very best. Most especially we want to thank you for supporting our dreams, we need your patience and support now more than ever.

We hope everyone is safe and that we all continue to treat each other with kindness and empathy. Our small company on a special island in the middle of the Pacific wants to thank you for your understanding and patience.