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Kaua’i Sugarloaf Pineapple Farm Tour

Quick Details

Adult Ages 13+
Child Ages 5-12
Infant Ages 4 and under

Experience the ultimate pineapple farm tour in Kilauea, Hawaii!

The two hour tour includes a brief history of our 37-acre farm, 15 acres of which are Kauai Sugarloaf White Pineapple. Participants will walk the farm and see over 250,000 plants in the ground and will learn the history of Sugarloaf pineapple in Hawaii as well as all aspects of growing pineapple.

Participants will see all stages, the red heart stage, the flowering stage, as well as ripening fruit, and Mother Nature permitting, each participant will harvest a small pineapple that they get to keep. Each participant will also have the opportunity to plant a pineapple. Mother Nature permitting, we will enjoy field tasting of freshly harvested pineapple, as nothing tastes as great as a Kauai Sugarloaf Pineapple fresh from the field!

The tour will conclude with the now-famous Paulie’s Pineapple Phrosty, a frozen delight made from only 100% Kauai Sugarloaf Pineapple, but tastes like ice cream – so much so that you’ll swear there has to be dairy and sugar in it! Souvenir t-shirts are available.

Please keep in mind this is a walking tour. In total we walk a relatively short distance (<0.25 mile).

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