2019 Christmas, Hanukkah, or other Holiday Orders

We are a small company driven to success by striving for 100% customer satisfaction. We want everyone who wants Santa to deliver Kauaʻi Sugarloaf Pineapple in time for the holidays to know that we are trying our very best to guess how many fruit we will have available for delivery before Christmas. We are very optimistic and we feel terrible whenever disappointment is in the air so we want everyone to know that our most mature field, with plenty of pineapple for everyone, has already begun ripening, which is a couple of weeks earlier than expected so we suggest ordering early as we may not have much fruit to ship the week before Christmas. We hope more of the fruit will ripen a little slower making it possible for us to fulfill all of the orders designated for Christmas week delivery, however, we are hesitant to guarantee this will happen.

 For Arrival of Order by

FedEx 2nd Day (2 bus. days)

Last day to order is:

Delivery Date Estimate
Thanksgiving, Thursday, November 28 Sunday, November 22 Delivery by
Hanukkah Eve,Sunday, December 22 Monday, December 16 Delivery by
12/20/19 or 12/21/19
Christmas, Wednesday,
December 25
Tuesday, December 17 Delivery between


We suggest placing your holiday order now, write FOR CHRISTMAS DELIVERY in the "ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS" area of the shopping cart page. We begin shipping holiday orders on December 3rd, unless you have specifically requested we ship later. Due to Christmas being on a Wednesday means all holiday orders need to ship between December 3rd and December 19th.

It is logical to assume most customers would prefer their Christmas gift delivered as close as possible to Christmas and you can request this in the additional instructions box, but it is risky as I may run out of pineapple if the fields ripen early. We planted 1000's of pineapple 18-24 months ago in preparation for Christmas harvest but sometimes Mother Nature has other ideas about ripening. We have 380,000 Kauai Sugarloaf Pineapple plants growing but since pineapple takes 18-24 months to produce one (1) fruit it is tricky trying to predict harvest schedules and amounts. I have been growing pineapple for over 25 years and I have seen fields ripen a month early as well as a month late and of course most ripen right on time as predicted.  This is a variable I cannot control. We usually ship only on Tuesdays, but for all holidays we adjust accordingly and add additional days to accommodate the higher than usual volume of orders. Therefore, we will be shipping on multiple days for Christmas delivery, but it is especially challenging this year as Christmas is on Wednesday. This means if you requested a delivery date "as close as possible to Christmas" we would be shipping the week of December 16-20, delivery on these shipments would be December 17-24. Over the many years I have worked with FedEx they are spectacular with on time deliveries but I do like to play it safe so we would rather not ship on a date that would translate to an on time delivery date of December 24.  What this means is I would prefer to ship all Christmas orders requesting "as close as possible to Christmas" on Thursday, December 19th, which for my 2nd day FedEx Service, would translate to delivery on December 20th if the address has Saturday FedEx delivery.  If the address does not have Saturday FedEx delivery then delivery would be on Monday, December 23. For orders that would quality for FedEx Overnight service then the play it safe shipment date is Friday, December 20th, delivery would be Saturday if the address has FedEx Saturday delivery.  Not all addresses have FedEx Saturday delivery.  I can ship to those Western States that qualify for FedEx Overnight Service on Monday, December 23 and FedEx should be able to deliver on Christmas Eve, December 24 but if FedEx fails to deliver then the gift would not be delivered until Thursday, December 26. As I mentioned FedEx has delivered on time for over 99% of my orders and although I am an optimist I also like to enjoy the holidays and keep stress down to a minimum. 

If you didn't place the order until just before Christmas of course we will do everything we can do to fulfill all of our holiday orders but it does look like the field we were counting on harvesting mid to late December MAY ripen before December 14th. It is possible everything will work out and the field will continue to produce past mid December, but we are hesitant to guarantee this. Updates can be found on the banner on the homepage, www.kauaisugarloaf.com

If the field does not produce enough pineapple in December you will have two options: we can send an e-card to you to send to the recipient of the order indicating that due to circumstances beyond our control we were unable to harvest and ship their gift in time for Christmas and we will ship it as soon as it is ripe; or we can offer you a full refund. 

Pineapple takes 18-24 months from planting to harvest which makes planning for holiday harvests difficult. This rather lengthy time frame makes it difficult when estimating when a field will ripen.  We will be evaluating our fields every few days and as we get closer to Christmas we will have a better estimate of how many pineapple will be available in time for delivery before Christmas, but due to the unpredictability of Mother Nature it is sometimes very difficult to get an exact estimate. Please know although we will do everything humanly possible to fulfill your order(s). We will keep you abreast of the field ripening progress so you will know before Christmas if your order will be delivered before Christmas. 

P.S. If you forget to add your delivery date instructions or a recipient's email address in the "ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS" area of the shopping cart page just email me at sales@kauaisugarloaf.com and I will add the information on my administrator order page. Please provide a range of acceptable dates in your delivery date requests.