Our summer crop ripened sooner than expected leaving us without much fruit to ship in August. We have thousands more ready to ripen so it won't be long. Our next harvest is expected in mid September. You can order now to be among the first to ship or you can wait until September when you will see this banner change. Please keep in mind that there is a limited amount of pineapple we can harvest and ship in any given week and we are a small company on an island in the middle of the ocean. If you need your order delivered by a particular day, after September, you can place the order at any time and type the delivery date request in the "SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS" box on the shopping cart page. If you forget, email me and I will be sure to ship it to arrive by the date you requested. P.S. The SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS box is on the cart page and is the same box where, if you have purchased a gift card, you can write a personalized message. Don't worry I will know the difference between shipping date requests and a personal message.