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Kids in the Field

Not long ago we had visitors to our farm and the kids just loved learning how to harvest pineapple in the fields.  I must say some people, in this case one of the kids, had a great eye for recognizing the important characteristics of ripeness. I have spent years trying to pass on to others all the little nuances we look for to determine if a Kauaʻi Sugarloaf pineapple is ripe. In case you couldn’t tell who it was by the size of the pineapple prize he took home, it is the little fella with the black shirt. Too bad about those child labor laws ’cause these kids just couldn’t pick enough!  They didn’t seem to mind all the pokey leaves or the hot sun. Paul and I do not have children and so a group of them for a few hours was just perfect.

It was such a fun day showing this family around the farm.

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