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Raves at the local market

Selling our white Kauaʻi Sugarloaf Pineapple at local markets (locations and details) here in Kauaʻi is especially rewarding because we get to see people’s reaction to this incredible taste experience first hand. I must admit sometimes I have to really push to get some folks to try this pineapple as many people can’t imagine that my pineapple is that much different than that regular yellow, burn your mouth, pineapple.

Recently at the farmers market, a young woman tasted our pineapple and said she had such a phenomenal experience from the delicious taste, creamy texture, and overall sweetness, that she got chicken skin (that’s the Hawaiian pidgin term for goosebumps). She actually showed me her arm full of chicken skin – you can’t fake that kind of experience!

It isn’t unusual to hear all kinds of great comments such as “heaven on earth, best I’ve ever tasted” but the chicken skin experience, well that’s a big compliment. Another customer rave from a local gentleman was that “the taste of it took my breath away.”

We have started collecting more of these raves about our product from internet customers as well: you can read them here.

Once you have tried our white Sugarloaf Pineapple we’d love to hear from you (and with your permission, share on our web site).  You can even send a picture and with your permission we will post that as well.

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