Online ordering assistance

If you are having trouble ordering through our online store, here is some basic advice to try first. 

How to order

  1. Go to our products page -
  2. Click on the product of your choice (single, 2, or 3 pack)
  3. Click "Add to Cart" - that should take you to the shopping cart page at
  4. Click "Checkout"
  5. Complete "Customer information" form and submit with the blue button
  6. Complete "Shipping method" form and submit with the blue button
  7. Complete "Payment method" form and submit with blue "Complete order" button
  8. You should receive an email to the address you provided confirming your order


  • At this time we are only able to ship to US addresses.
  • You must place separate orders for each shipping address; separate shipping charges apply.
  • If you want a gift message you must purchase a gift card.
  • If you need delivery for a specific date write those instructions in the special instructions box on the cart page of the website.  This is the same box where, if you have purchased a gift card you would write your personalized message.  


If you experience problems following the steps above check that your internet connection is working.
It may be helpful to clear cookies (instructions) for "".
If convenient, trying another browser or another computer may be the quickest solution.
After trying these steps, if you are still stuck, please let us know by sending email with specifics of your problem: what step (listed above) are you getting stopped at, and any specific details of the error.