Rave Reviews from our Customers

We love sharing our Kauaʻi-grown Sugarloaf Pineapple with our customers and it's always great to hear back from them. Whether they are discovering Sugarloaf white pineapple for the first time or it's a longtime favorite, people get excited about this fruit and think it's something special. We do too.

​"OH MY GOSH they are so good! I received the pineapple this morning. I immediately unboxed them, cut them up and ate 1 whole pineapple! They are so sweet, and the flavor is like they were infused with honey. Amazing, fantastic, delicious and every other good adjective there is. Thank you so much, and they are most definitely worth the wait!​"
–  Bob, Discovery Bay California​
"The beautiful deep-jade-green pineapples were stunning and so delicious. The white flesh came as a surprise but the sweetness and ripeness of the fruit were exceptional."
– Catherine (Wellesley, Massachusetts)

"It's amazing, it melts in your mouth, its smooth, no bite. Not just sweet but lots of flavor."
-- Aliya N (Redmond, Washington)

"This pineapple tastes like... more, please!"
-- Harry (Tacoma, Washington)

"Best thing I ever put in my mouth!  There are no words to describe how sweet these pineapples are!"
-- Shannon (Glen Allen, Virginia)

"Oh my gosh!  This is like butter its so creamy!"
-- John Rapp, (Santa Barbara, California)

"Tonight my husband and I had the first Sugarloaf Pineapple and it was absolutely delicious.  We were trying to figure out what was different about it because it was still sweet and juicy but the flesh was more delicate.  We will enjoy the next two in the next couple of days. Thank you so much for introducing us to this wonderful variety of pineapple." -- Rosemary (California)

"The pineapples arrived! We were in heaven! Imagine us looking at the several inches of snow coming down today and eating delicious pineapple. They tasted like heaven! I don't think I've tasted better pineapple in my life! I don't think I've had pineapple where you can eat the core like that. The smiles you put on my sons and our faces were unforgettable. Thank you!"  -- Stacy (Minnesota)

"Mahalo nui loa Jude!  The wonderful, amazingly delicious pineapples arrived today...  We will spread the word (and incredible taste) to more of our friends thanks to you.  Here's wishing you much continued success."  -- Rafael (Massachusetts)

"I really admire your knowledge and enthusiasm for my favorite fruit.
However, even more impressive is the flavor of your product. Indescribably delicious... And you were totally right about the core... Even it was great."  -- Bryan and Susan (California)

Santa Barbara