Kauaʻi Sugarloaf™
Pineapple 2 Pack

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Two Kauaʻi-grown Sugarloaf White Hawaiian Pineapples, each approximately four (4) pounds -- field-ripened, hand selected, shipped to arrive ready to eat.

Kauaʻi Sugarloaf is an exotic variety with a flavorful creamy white-flesh.  It is unusually sweet with almost no acid and a soft edible core.  The fully ripe Sugarloaf rind is shiny green with a warm yellow color emerging from the center of the "eyes".

Each pineapple is carefully packed in bubble wrap with a full-color hang tag and brochure.

We ship only within the United States (additional shipping charges apply for Alaska). 

Qty     Shipping cost
1 pineapple $30
2-3 pineapples $45
4-6 pineapples $90

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